Maxwell’s homemade sweater vest.

While pretty much everyone I know watched the Seahawks take on the 49ers, I was finding ways to entertain myself while semi-listening to the game. This isn’t exactly something that I found on Pinterest, but I’ve been wanting to do it and I’m going to pin this… so that’s close enough, right?

Maxwell is among the cutest beings to ever exist, and I made him a sweater vest! … thing! I had leftover fabric, draped it over him and decided that, with a little velcro, it could be made into something he could wear.


What to do with an extra pile of fuzzy fabric?

After draping the fabric over Maxwell a couple times I decided where to put the arm holes and where to cut off extra so it didn’t hang over him weirdly. There was very little science, I just kind of did it.


Working on seams.

Added some edges, a little velcro…


Now, for the moment of truth…

And THERE YOU HAVE THE CUTEST DOG IN A SWEATER VEST. It’s a tad snug, but I fully intend to make him another out of red plaid fabric, and I’ll get enough rather than using some leftover fabric.


The best pupster ever. In a sweater vest.

This was a super fun project that most people who are new to sewing could probably do. If you’re not confident in your ability to sew round edges, your dog won’t care if it’s not perfect! Give it a shot 🙂


Just look at his feet and legs and ears and eyebrows and everything!


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